May 16, 2012 / 10:55PM

John Waters: This Filthy World (2006)

Just finished watching this speaking engagement with the one and only John Waters, explaining his philosophy on filth, filmmaking, his Baltimore childhood and early films, the controversy surrounding him, what he finds funny, his limits and oh so much more!

I’m still pretty new to John Waters, but there some definite aspects that I adore. 

I’m going to seek out a few of his films, I love hearing how he created his ideas and  just filmed them and the odd stuff that would happen. And nope, I’m not giving telling you what, just watch.

This is the first doc/comedy stand-up/bio in awhile that I have taken notes during, for films to watch, ideas I like (tattooing your favorite director— I already have a photo in mind) all in my sketchbook with a few doodles.

It was essentially John Waters, that’s the most concise way to put it.


He has inspired me to just experiment with filmmaking, as has Lynch. To just do it. No matter how outrageous the idea with friends. I want to call/message my friends in the major and just create shorts with them— for us, not for our profs. Guaranteed, just spend a day filming with no real concept that we’ll figure out later. I still hold to the spontaneous nature of film, documentary style where I figured it out in the editing room even though I hate it now but am proud of it.

I still haven’t seen Hairspray, either version. But I’m banking on the original.

I truly enjoyed it, now onto the quotes. 

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