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The Elephant in the Living Room (2011)


Saw this on my dashboard recently, so thought I’d check it out via soulofawomanwascreatedbelow who posted it.

This documentary explores the controversial topic of private ownership of exotic animals in domestic homes. For example, lions, tigers, big cats, bears, primates, venomous reptiles and the owners feeling and the law’s feeling, even when they side with the animal and only wants what’s best for the animal and in hope they don’t run loose on the community when it’s known as a predator.

They cover all angles, all different sorts of homes, the cases they have seen in the county known for more exotic pets than there are in the animal’s native land. To conventions, to rescues, to animal sanctuaries, hospital doctors, to owner’s home. 

Extremely interesting, informative documentary about a subject that’s not fully investigated often.

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