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Movies From An Alternate Universe

you are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. a journey to a land where movie posters let us know what could have been had the stars and their stories just shaken out in different ways. 

Godard’s TRAINSPOTTING could have been truly brilliant, the anger of junkie culture (pooped laundry bags) dovetailing with godard’s political virulence… could have been delightful.

shoving Audrey Hepburn into RUSHMORE...well, not so much.  though if anyone could make it work it would certainly be nicolas ray. 

head on over to Behance to see a bunch more of these lovely fever dreams.

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May 18, 2011 / 12:23AM

Danny Boyle did Trainspotting?

hmmm. didn’t know that.

danny boyletrainspottingwouldn't have guessedokay

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just saw The Taqwacores!!!!!


If you like (first 3 are from the trailer suggestion): Trainspotting, Fight Club, Gus Van Sant *check, I’d add SLC Punk! to the list. 

The Taqwacores is going to be hard to describe to people who haven’t seen the trailer or not read the book. It has a lot of levels, so it’s complicated. And hard to tell what not to tell you. 

A West-Coast Punk. Straight-Edger. Skinhead. Riot Grrl. Queer Punk. A Reverted Muslim. A College Kid. All in one house. Friday morning prayers, Friday afternoon/night party.

Ok, you know the Punk Rock movement— the freaks, weirdos, the ugly ones who all ban together for a cause. They destruct, offend, etc. Rebel. 

Well, add Muslim into this house. 

You have this “normal” smart boy who comes into this house, purely because it is a Muslim house— keep on his beliefs, be a good kid with the influences of Islam around him. Well— when he gets to this house, things change for him.

I read the book beforehand, a few things were changed/edited out. The author wrote the screenplay so I knew it’d be very accurate, which it was. :)

What the film brings up is Muslim stereotypes, which aren’t always accurate and from their perspective.. just more punk, sub-genre perspective. But damn, good points are made THAT MAKE YOU THINK.

It also has many different views on religion. In general, it works for Christianity also— how far you take the rules stated in the holy book of each. Some think drinking and smoking is fine, sex before marriage, etc. The main man in this film, a punk rocker from out West, wanted to bring together everyone. The queers, riot grrls, straightedgers, all playing Taqwacore for the same cause. Fuck the interpretations. 

I’m personally interested in all sorts of religion. They all have something beautiful in each of them.

This film is basically the story of Yusef’s story while living at this house for a year, with these characters and the interactions, conflicts and conversations (some really deep and smart, philosophical) and how they change Yusef. Jehangir is the West Coast idealist punk, who puts on a major punk rock show to prove all these points, where crazy shit happens. It literally read like the book— it was wonderful.

I’m going to give a few examples of the conversations: talking about Johnny Cash, about the Riot Grrl wearing a full burka (do you ever feel like you don’t want the world to see you?), interpretations of the Quaran, etc. It brings up good points. They even have a reverted Catholic-bred girl who converted to Islam and her perspectives, I’m not saying they fit for everyone, but it doesn’t forget that idea also.

I can’t describe this accurately, it’s an experience. I know/knew I will be watching this a few times before sending it back. :D :D 

Ok— to the technical film stuff. It’s an indie film, so some things are more forgivable in my opinion, and I think it worked for it. The shooting was wonderful, editing worked magnificently and they made it more punk rock by changing a few things from the book so it could read as a film.. loved it. There was a few points in the acting that they could have been more enthusiastic, but hey they were trying to evoke casual conversation… it was fine. Minor shit. Music was great. 

It’s a controversial film in the best way— it fucking makes you think. It’s social commentary, for all sorts of people. Does it make it real? Hell no! But it’s great to watch and learn from, gain insights. 

I just suggest you see this, I sped read the book thinking I was getting the film instead. It took a few days, the characters are wonderful and challenge thoughts, stereotypes, prejudices, even discriminations. 

The West-Coast Punk, Jehangir, was sooo hooot. Then I saw his headshot and didn’t recognize him. Weird. He looks like a friend of mine, if he had a pink mohawk, which I might recommend- he’s done crazy shit with his hair. 

If you like Fight Club, Trainspotting, Gus Van Sant films, SLC Punk!, and world religion point of views… GO FUCKING SEE THIS!!!!!

Also— it had a spot on SXSW film festival and also Sundance. 

My writing on it doesn’t do it justice, trust me. I’ll put up the trailer again, it’s just THAT GOOD. And there isn’t much promo and stills on it. 

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this is all you need to know:

Requiem for a Dream + Kubrick inspired filming+ Scottish accents= Trainspotting.

Even though it was made before Requiem, you can obviously see that Darren was inspired by this film. I honestly wanted to puke a few times while watching. I didn’t eat a whole lot before watching… glad I did.

There are some great lines in it, glad I got a warning and sort of knew what I was getting into. It is a story of a heroin junkie who is trying to get off the drug and dealing with friends and other influences.

It’s a rough journey.

That’s all.

The music is great in it.

I honestly don’t really want to watch this again, I’ll take my Requiem for a Dream instead. I can handle that one. And understand it. I had to turn on subtitles. 

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